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Hunter commercial roofing installation project in Rothbury, NSW

Project Duration: 5-6 days
About the Project


Hunterline Roofing were subcontracted to complete a Hunter commercial roof installation for a builder who needed a flat roof installed on a brand new property development in Rothbury, NSW.

The roof was ready to be installed on top of the freshly built first story.

It was a fairly large area to cover, and the flat roof had particular features that needed to be carried out to specification.

The overall request from the client for this job was to provide a top quality construction.

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About the Project


With regards to the sealing the edging of the roof, we installed internal walling around the perimeter of the roof. The client specified Colorbond PanelRib profile wall cladding sheets to be used for all the internal walls of the roof, instead of simple flashings. We were able to easily source and install the exact requirements of the wall cladding sheets without any fuss.


This Hunter commercial roofing job had a total of 13 box gutters that needed to be accommodated into the roof design.

In order to achieve this, we had to penetrate through 2 courses of brick to run our outlets through the walls.

It also involved installing rainheads on the exterior of each parapet (barrier) wall where the outlets shot through.

We successfully installed and tested all 13 box gutters across the whole roof.

About the Project


The flat roof project in Rothbury took 5-6 days to complete.

It was a resounding success, having met all the client and industry standard requirements. In terms of the aesthetics, all the finishing touches made the final product pleasing to the eye.

The majority of this roof is seen by an adjacent middle two story section.

The well-built roof means the occupants of the neighbouring section are able to look out the windows to see an aesthetically pleasing roof with quality features.

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