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About the Project


As you can see in the before and after images of this Maitland roof replacement project, the old roof was in a dire state. The entire roof had rust issues, which was causing water leaks in inclement conditions.

Living so close to the ocean, it’s quite common to see old steel roofs rust and corrode, due to the level of salt in the air. Where the newer colorbond roofs have a brilliant resistance to rust, the older materials did not.

The clients brief was quite simple. They wanted all of the roofing, guttering and downpipes completely replaced. To be fair, this roof was beyond repair, so a replacement was the only option.

Here is a before – after sequence.

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About the Project


As with any roof replacements, the first thing that needs to be done is taking accurate measurements. Taking the time initially to make sure that you have measured everything correctly can save a ridiculous amount of grief in the long run. Once everything was measured up, we ordered the material from our roofing Maitland supplier.

Once the material was on-site, our roofers in Maitland could start removing the old roof, gutter and downpipes. This needs to be done carefully because old roofing sheets can be unstable, as can the timber support structure.

Once the roof was removed, we had to install new timber to fix the new roof to. The existing timber was rotting in parts and some of the levels were out, so we needed to make sure the frame was okay before we proceeded.

From there it was really a case of laying the insulation and the sheets over the top. There was a smaller breakout roof that needed replacing too, so we decided to do the main one first so that we could walk over it and not worry about scratching it and then we moved on to the smaller part after.


We encountered a number of problems on this project. Often when replacing old roofs, we’ll uncover things that need to be addressed. It’s just the nature of the work. Regardless, none of them were major problems, so it was not hard to rectify.

Firstly, the roof needed levelling, which we thought was going to be the case. It’s no big deal, it just requires some timber to be installed in order to bring it back to level.

Secondly, the roof had a spring curve in one part and a change of pitch towards the bottom as you can see in the images. This can prove tricky when trying to make the sheets align and the laps work correctly.

Thirdly, the roof had two chimney stacks, located only a couple of meters apart. This meant that we had to sheet around the chimney’s and flash them accordingly. This is not uncommon on homes, however it does take work to ensure that it gets done right.

About the Project


This Maitland roof replacement has transformed this home. The owners are also going to renovate the interior and once they do, it will be absolutely amazing.

It’s amazing to see how much difference a new roof can make to a home, both structurally and financially. It has certainly increased the value of the property and once the renovations are completed, it will be a completely different home.

The owner is ecstatic with the outcome, as are we. It looks great and there are no more water leaks to be seen.

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