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Tingira Heights Roofing Installation – Colorbond

Location: Tingira Heights, NSW | Project Duration: 1.5 days
About the Project


Ray Hector, a resident of Tingira Heights, NSW wanted to replace his old roof tiles with Colorbond roof sheeting.

The house roof was looking fairly aged, and rather than restore the roof tiles, it was more cost-effective to remove the old tiles and install a brand new Colorbond roof.

Here is a before – after sequence.

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About the Project


Because of the multiple low pitch and high pitch sections of the roof, this Tingira Heights roofing project required varying Colorbond sheet sizes and flashings.

The client desired a neat finish between the transition of the low pitched roofs to the steeper roofs descending onto them.

One of the main features required to complete this kind of job to a professional standard are custom flashings.

Hunterline Roofing were able to quickly and easily create custom flashings to frame the varying sized pitches.

We had custom change of pitch flashings made and installed onto the roof.


There were pre-existing small leaks in the roof, so we needed to eliminate this issue with the new roof.

The client also disliked the look of his house with terracotta tiles, and desired a much better looking Colorbond roof.

We were able to provide the client with a range of colours and finishes to choose from.

About the Project


The removal of he old roof and installation of the new roof took a total of 1.5 days.

Ray, the owner was very happy with the fast turnaround and the aesthetic, structural finish of this Tingira Heights roofing project.

With regards to the small leaks in the old roof, these were fully resolved with the new roof.

The installation of the new roof dramatically improved the curb appeal of the home and increased the value of the property by $20,000.

Tingira Heights Roof Replacement Hunterline Roofing new roof 2
Tingira Heights Roof Replacement Hunterline Roofing old roof 2

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