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Guttering services plays a major role in the prevention of water leaks and water dissipation, therefore it’s paramount to any home that it’s doing its job.

Likewise, the integrity of your flashings will also play an important role in making sure that you’re free of leaks, rotting timber and other water-related damage.

Hunterline Roofing are guttering specialists providing gutter cleaning, gutter replacement, gutter repair & gutter installation services and we’ll make sure that your guttering is installed to code and running optimally. We even have a recurring maintenance initiative that sees us attend to your property periodically to remove leaves and debris from your gutters to ensure that it’s running well.

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About Guttering

It probably won’t surprise you to learn that guttering comes in many shapes and sizes and serves many applications.

Gutters were initially designed to catch roof water and transport it via downpipes and stormwater drainage to easements or somewhere away from the property line. Where the fundamental role of a gutter still exists, over the years we have become a lot smarter with where that water ends up. We’ll read more about that in the following section.

Roofs have different shapes and profiles, which means that gutter solutions need to be customised to suit. The gutters that most of us are familiar with are the ones that run around the perimeter of a building, however gutters are more than meets the eye. 

Living in the Hunter region, we’re accustomed to some pretty awesome summer storms and these storms can bring a lot of rain. 
Your roof is designed to protect your home from elements like rain, however in a heavy downpour, it’s your gutters that save the day. 

Gutters need to be sized correctly in order to do their job. As you can imagine the surface area of a factory will typically be considerably larger than that of a residential home, so regular gutters will not work in these scenarios. 

Also, the profile of large (commercial) roofs is often very different from residential roofs, therefore the drainage system needs to be adequately sized and operating optimally around the clock. 

Box gutters are an extremely effective guttering solutions that can be customised to suit specific projects. They can be made to measure and tailored to suit a property. Over the years, we at Hunterline Roofing have worked with box gutters as wide as a meter. These gutters have been engineered to remove large amounts of water to prevent flooding and overflow. 

As you can imagine, the downpipes and drainage system needs to also be built to accommodate such large volumes of water and flow, so a well operating roof water system really is an engineering feat. 

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Why waste perfectly good water?

Water is a very valuable resource in the Hunter region. All you need to do is drive to up to the vineyards to see how important water is to land and crops when there is none. In the country, businesses and homes are very proactive with water harvesting. Dams and tanks are a dime-a-dozen and so they should be. 

On a residential scale, we’ve also started to get smarter with what we do with the water from the heavens. Where only a few decades ago, our rainwater would end up in the ocean, today we can utilise rain for our own use. 

At Hunterline Roofing, we love to see the progress in the space of water harvesting. Retention and detention tanks are extremely popular and in some cases required. This means that your roof becomes your own personal ‘catchment’ and that water can be used for so many things. 

We’ve worked with builders, hydraulic designers and plumbers on systems that use harvested water for irrigation, flushing toilets, washing machines and in some scenarios consumption. 

Of course, as roofers, we don’t really get involved in the conversation regarding what is to be done with the roof water, however we love to work on projects that make an effort to use the water that we help our clients catch in a proactive manner.

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