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About the Project


The site of this Newcastle Colorbond roofing installation was a brand new residential property in Hamilton, NSW. The builder, IH Construction Group, required a roofing expert for installing roof battens and metal roof on their behalf.

They engaged Hunterline Roofing services based on our reputation for quality work.

When we started the job, the roof structure in place was just a frame. It was our job to install the fascia, guttering, roof battens, insulation, as well as to sheet and flash the roof.

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About the Project


This Newcastle colorbond roof installation needed to compliment the modern design of this beautiful, architecturally designed home in the suburb of Hamilton.

The home had a contemporary colour palette, consisting of neutral colours which reflected the coastal lifestyle of the region. To suit the design of the home, the client requested a type of fascia called Novaline and they also wanted slotted quad gutter, instead of the standard colorbond gutter that we would normally use.

All of these particular products are all part of the Colorbond range, which means they are designed to work with each other. Together they provide a seamless finish that looks great and functions optimally.


This project saw very little issues. The design of the roof made us think laterally to ensure that all of the flashings and angles worked, however that is not unusual for Newcastle colorbond roof projects. In fact, I’d go as far as to say that it’s more common.

We tend to see fewer issues with projects like this one where we’re given the roof as a frame and we can do what needs to be done from scratch. When we can control the process, our systems and workflows tend to gel seamlessly.

About the Project


This Newcastle Colorbond roof installation was completed quickly to budget. The customer was happy, the builder was happy and as a result, we are happy 😉

The entire project only took one and a half days from start to finish. We owe a large credit to the builder for letting us do our thing and preparing the site for us for our arrival. That really helps when we can show up and get stuck in.

It certainly worked in the builders’ favour, as our fast turnaround and quality workmanship kept them ahead of schedule for the remaining stages of the project. Obviously, a large portion of the internal works can only be completed once the roof has been installed, so thanks to our fast work, the other services could get in there sooner than they expected.

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