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Why Scheduling Gutter Cleaning Is A Priority

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Gutters are underrated for the very important work that they do. They perform a very effective protective service for your home, it’s foundations and your landscaping.

Whilst they quietly hang around, they can be forgotten. If no gutter cleaning on Central Coast’s home happening then it could turn into an expensive problem to fix.

Reason #1 For Cleaning Gutters

These hard-working fixtures get clogged with leaves, sticks and other debris. This doesn’t only happen when you have trees nearby.  Wind can blow in the debris from quite some distance away. A clogged gutter can redirect water into your roof and therefore into your fibreboard ceiling and electricals!  It can cause water to get behind the plaster of the house and cause delamination of the plaster or paint.

Reason #2 For Cleaning Gutters

What you would call “clogged up debris”, pests, rodents and insects would call it nesting material and home. It also makes a nice spot for a bee infestation.

Reason #3 For Cleaning Gutters

A nicely clogged up gutter makes an ideal place for mold and fungus to start growing.  If damp is trickling into your roof then the mold and fungus will follow it.  This is extremely dangerous for your family.

Convinced? Here’s what you need to know about the solution.

How Often Should Gutter Cleaning Take Place?

This is dependent on your specific environment including what types of trees you have around you and how many. Spring and Fall would be the best candidate seasons to get cleaning due to the leaf, flower, fruit and twig losses accompanied by rains.

The cleaning should not only be about the horizontal gutters but also the downspouts. A checkup is advised every 4 months.

What Can Reduce The Amount Of Gutter Cleaning?

A very handy accessory for gutters are gutter covers and leaf screens.  This will cut down the amount of debris but it will by no means stop the need for cleaning 100%.  Sand and seeds can still get in and take root.

Covers and screens will reduce cleaning to every 2 or 3 years, subject to your environment. It depends on the quality of the cover you have purchased as well.  An annual check before the rainy season is a prudent habit to get into.

Can A Homeowner Do DIY Gutter Cleaning?

In theory, yes, but it is dangerous and you would need to have the correct equipment, especially for the downpipes. With about 5000 falls off ladders per year we cannot encourage you to do this. Half of those falls resulted in permanent damage to the person. In addition to this, a lot of gutters are damaged by ladders and/or owners falling against them.

A professional will all debris from the roof, gutters and downspouts.  If you have gutter spikes these will be checked at the same time. Check that the professional you hire has liability insurance and workers’ compensation insurance for their team working on your property.

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