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Newcastle Roofing Experts Reveal Why Colorbond® Steel Is Renowned As The Best Roofing Choice

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By now, everybody knows the renowned brand Colorbond® steel for its strength, longevity and attractive finishes. However, few know why!

This prompted Newcastle roofing experts, Hunterline Roofing, to reveal its illustrious local history and delve into its groundbreaking benefits as a roofing material.

A History Of Excellence

Back in 1843 in good ole’ England, the engineer, Henry Robinson Palmer, ingeniously discovered that, by corrugating thin homogeneous layers of iron, the material is imbued with greater strength. It was popular with Australian pioneers due to this strength, as well as its transport-friendly lightweight.

When the iron product is galvanised, an additional 20 to 30 years is added to its lifespan. To improve its aesthetics, building owners in Newcastle and surrounds painted the material. However, this requires regular maintenance.

This hardworking, durable product served the market for 50 years. The consumers’ preference to paint the roof and the growing wealth of the middle class drove the industrialists to develop the precursor of Colorbond® steel.

Australian Engineering Brilliance

In the 1950s, the engineers at the forward-thinking Lithostrip Pre Finish Metals (USA) found a way to bond paint effectively to a galvanised iron base. Australian engineers took the innovation and researched, tested and designed a product that was better suited to meet the harsher Australian climatic conditions. In 1966, in Port Kembla, Wollongong, a product with far superior strength and longevity specifications rolled off the Number 1 coil painting line. It was christened Colorbond® steel and has been a roofing hit ever since.

Approximately 50% of new domestic developments are wearing steel Colorbond roofing. Look around Newcastle and see its beautiful finish. It suits many architectural styles, from old pioneer classics to the uber contemporary.

It is a very versatile product and makes the most beautiful cladding to the striking, contemporary architecture of 2020. The cladding works exceptional well as an aesthetic contrast or as a highlight to certain features of the architecture. Additionally, it works phenomenally well as full facades or cladding the entire building. This is seen in contemporary add-ons to classic homes, contemporary homes or contemporary farmhouse styles. Including cladding, 90% of new Australian homes use Colorbond® steel.

The enormous success of the product in the field, literally, has seen Colorbond® expand its production. From the paint lines in Port Kembla, Wollongong, it has grown to decentralised regional production plants in Acacia Ridge, Queensland, Western Port, Victoria and Erskine Park, News South Wales.

The colour range is currently set at 20 of the most popular colours derived from the demands of designers, architects and homeowners. Those same designers, architects and homeowners have driven Colorbond® steel to be the preferred, quality choice for roofing and architectural features.

As the local specialists in Colorbond roofing in Newcastle, Hunterline Roofing is best placed to answer your questions, calm your qualms, and install, repair or maintain your  Colorbond roof.

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