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When Are Repairs Needed For Commercial Metal Roofs In The Central Coast?

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Metal roofs offer businesses and facilities unparalleled protection from the elements – there is simply no better alternative for a commercial roof. However, no matter how durable and long-lasting these roofs are, wear and tear is an inevitable consequence of withstanding the Central Coast’s weather for years on end.

Over time, repairs from a roofer experienced in working on commercial metal roofs will be necessary to avoid a full replacement. This is especially true in the Central Coast, as our proximity to the sea makes premature rust and corrosion a common issue for metal roofs. How do you know when it’s time for roof repairs? Our roofers have listed three signs to keep an eye out for.

#1 Rust & Corrosion

As mentioned above, metal roofs in the Central Coast are more prone to rusting due to the salt and moisture in the air from the sea. In most cases, a little bit of rust or corrosion is fine, albeit an eyesore. However, it won’t stay that way for long and the potential for underlying problems to be hidden beneath the corrosion, such as holes, is quite high. Rust is also prone to spreading quite quickly once it starts, which can lead to severe structural issues and penetrations that put your interior assets at risk. I always recommend nipping problems like these in the bud, organising roof repairs when you see that your metal roof’s finishing is succumbing to rust or corrosion.

#2 Mould

Speaking of underlying issues, mould is a common culprit that tends to catch commercial building owners unaware. Unfortunately, it all starts with a weakness in the roof, like corrosion, that leads to a hidden leak underneath the metal roof’s surface. This creates a pocket of moisture and humidity, inviting mould to grow on the insulation. The worst part? By the time you notice the mould itself, it would have already spread quite drastically, and the leak would have caused significant damage. Simply put, if you notice mould, you need to hire a roofer for metal roof repairs yesterday.

#3 Distorted Or Damaged Fasteners

Metal roofs rely on well-connected roofing panels to protect your facility’s digital and physical assets from leaks and the elements. And well-connected roofing panels rely on fasteners that are in pristine condition to hold them in place. However, over time or due to poor installation, these fasteners can distort or become damaged, leaving your metal panels vulnerable to coming loose or ripping off during strong winds. I always recommend that you have your roof regularly inspected to keep track of the condition of your metal fasteners. And once they begin to deteriorate, call in a roofer for repairs!

Now that you know when it’s time to call a roofer in for roof repairs, you need to find a reliable roofer with vast experience working on commercial roofing services – like Hunterline Roofing! We actually specialise in large-scale, intricate metal roof systems, making repairs as easy as pie for us.

Contact us now to schedule an inspection of your metal roof to decide what repairs are needed!

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