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In The Market For Guttering In Newcastle? Here’s What You Need To Know

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When building or renovating your home you may be pinned under an avalanche of decisions. Pummelled into the avalanche is the question: what type of guttering in Newcastle you should use?

Your blank look tells us your response is: There are different types of gutters? Yes, there are quite a few actually. And you need to choose wisely.

Guttering is a vital part of your roofing system, as it plays a huge role in the waterproofing integrity of your building, protecting your roof and landscaping from pooling water, and preventing soil erosion.

To help you make an informed decision, our Newcastle roofing experts have compiled the most popular guttering systems as a guide.

Box Guttering

As the name suggests, it is a gutter that has been “boxed” in. This could be in the centre or the outer edge of the roof. Their main benefit is that you won’t be able to see them, giving your home a clean, kept look. They come in Colorbond steel, standard steel or aluminium.

There are different grades of steel and aluminium. However, extremely affordable pricing might indicate inferior materials. Be cautious of this, as quality does count for any part of the building involved with water control.

As the gutter is ‘built-in,’ choosing one with an emergency overflow is critical to account for blockages or unusual water loads.

Fascia Guttering

A fascia is an architectural component used as a vertical frieze or band below the edge of a roof. It is also called a bargeboard in Newcastle. A fascia gutter combines a fascia and gutter as one component, otherwise called an eaves gutter component.

This guttering system is usually made from Colorbond steel, which comes in a range of colours and different profiles, spoiling you for choice to complement your home’s style.

Square Guttering

This guttering system is square in appearance – it’s in the name. You can choose from a lo-square or hi-square profile. They are ideal for regions in Newcastle that have high volumes of rain.

Square guttering usually comes in Colorbond steel, aluminium or galvanized steel and their sleek, angular look suits contemporary homes very well.

Round Guttering

The shape of the gutter is, in truth, not round. They are either semi-circular or have a straight back, like a quarter round. They are able to deal with large volumes of water and are easier to clean than boxed gutters.

You can choose from Colorbond steel, aluminium or galvanised steel round guttering.

They are a versatile guttering style suiting most architectural designs in Newcastle, from mid-century to Spanish. They don’t suit a very contemporary home as their shape is too soft and organic.

Quad Guttering

These are currently the most popular style amongst Newcastle residents. They are made using Colorbond steel materials, and with or without slots. Although choosing one with slots will allow heavy rainfall to overflow.

They suit new homes and work well as a retrofit, matching seamlessly with existing gutters.

With this guide, you should be able to choose the best guttering system for your home. However, if you’re still having trouble deciding, come to Newcastle’s leading roofing experts – Hunterline Roofing. Our roofers offer efficient, affordable guttering installations, repairs, and maintenance.

Contact our team of roofers today for advice on which guttering system will best fit your renovations or new home build.

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