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When to Call Roofing Contractors in Newcastle for Your Roof

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If you’re a new homeowner (and even if you’re an old one or a property manager), you want to maintain your home or property so well that you rarely have to call roofing contractors in Newcastle, NSW for expensive repairs or to get parts replaced. In terms of property value, a solid, clean roof has far more curb appeal than one that looks like it’s about to fall down, as well. So, if you’re looking for someone to trust with roof installation or replacement in Newcastle, roofing specialists at Hunterline Roofing can help. We also do roof repairs in Newcastle and have compiled several tips on what problems to look out for when you check your roof.

What to Do for Roof Health

Your roof offers protection from the natural elements and experiences a lot of wear and tear from them. If the weather changes constantly, the tiles on your roof expand and contract, resulting in cracks, which lead to greater chances of leaks. There are several problems you can nip in the bud by doing a visual inspection of your roof now and then, and especially after experiencing inclement weather. Why don’t we go over some of them?

1. Moss and debris – If you have moss or something else on your roof that shouldn’t be there, clear it away to prevent your roof from getting damaged. Moss growing on a roof causes it to hold more water, which can result in the tiles rotting and leaks developing.

2. Tiles – Constant changes in temperature result in cracks leading to leaks. Check your roof for missing roof tiles, rot, cracks, etc., bi-annually and right after a bout of severe weather.

3. Trees – Trim the trees on your property so that their branches don’t cause damage to your roof due to severe weather.

4. Gutters – Clean out the gutters to avoid water building up and damaging your tiles in the process. Keeping the exterior as well as the interior of the home clean helps keep the property’s value up.

5. Structural components – Check for signs of weathering, as well as going over any chimneys, skylights, piping, and vents.

6. Attic, ceilings – when inspecting for any leaks in your attic or ceilings coming from above, look for dark spots or patches on the exterior walls, bulging patches on the interior walls, a musty smell that lingers, and water stains on ceilings around the house. If you find any, call a roofing contractor to take care of it before the problem blows up.

7. Professional Roof Inspection – Get one of these done once every two years.

Writing down and taking photos of the issues you find will help you communicate the same to the roofing contractor you’ve hired to take care of them.

Note on Commercial Property Roofs

What goes for a residential property goes for commercial properties as well, except that the roofing contractor will need more details: when the roof was installed, the logbook on roof repairs that have taken place, any updates, what roofing types and materials are used, dates of certification and type of roof access system.

The roof maintenance plan must be clear and strictly adhered to, otherwise cracks and leaks can result in mould contamination, significant property damage, and expose the building’s occupants to health and safety risks.

Consequences of Poor Roof Maintenance

If you don’t regularly check for roofing issues, chances are you’ll need to call a roofing contractor for repairs or even a replacement sooner or later.

  • Roof repairs – you’ll want to get any roofing problem fixed before it becomes any bigger or more expensive, including water damage, tile repair, and waterproofing. You’ll reap the benefits with a reduction in your energy bill, as well, maintaining your home’s potential resale value.
  • Roof replacement or re-roofing – this is the last resort, but some may choose it just to increase the value of their property, or give it a different style. If things have progressed so far as to make re-roofing necessary, make sure

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