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How To Prepare For Roof Replacement In 6 Easy Steps

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Getting a new roof installed is a major task that is bound to get hectic and stressful.
But, by taking a few key steps before the work starts, you can prepare your home for roof replacement and make things easier for everyone involved.

Preparing your home makes the process smoother and ensures that your family, your belongings and your roofers stay protected.

Here’s what our Newcastle roof replacement experts suggest you do:

    1. Take down hanging itemsRoof replacement involves hammering and drilling. This can cause intense vibrations throughout your home that may shake up hanging items and bring them crashing down. Make sure to take all paintings, picture frames and other wall decorations down so that they don’t fall and break. Even fine china, glasses and dishware in cabinets should be secured to prevent any mishaps.


    1. Prepare your gardenIt is recommended that you mow your lawn a day before the replacement process gets underway. This makes for a simpler post roof installation clean up, as debris is easily spotted in the short grass. You should also prune any tree branches hanging over your roof, so that workmen can have unobstructed access to your rooftop.


    1. Move your outdoor belongings a safe distance awayBefore the roof replacement services get to work, it is important that you secure your outdoor belongings. Debris from the old roof is thrown down on a prepared area called the drop zone. However, it can also fall away from this designated space. That’s why patio furniture, BBQ grills and potted plants should be relocated to a place where they won’t be within range of falling debris.


    1. Get satellite dishes and antennas removedA satellite dish or antenna can get in the way of roofers as they start tearing down your old roof. It’s better to have your dish or antenna taken down beforehand. Call your electrician or satellite provider to have these temporarily uninstalled and removed.


    1. Clear out your drivewayYour garage and roof replacement tradies will need space to unload shingles and other materials. Giving them parking space close to the house will make their work easier. Move your cars and bikes out of the driveway to give the workers ample space. Parking your car away from the house will also serve as a safety measure. No falling debris will cause accidental scratching or damage to your car’s windshield or bonnet.


  1. Make plans to keep your children and pets safeWith fallen debris and heavy machinery all around, your outdoor space will become a no-go place for children and pets. Work zones are filled with tripping and other safety hazards, which make them unsafe for your kids and furry friends. If your kids are too young to understand the dangers involved, it is best to send them to a loved one or to a daycare for the duration of the roof work. For your pets, just make sure they stay inside your home and do not venture out into the yard at any cost.

Enjoy a seamless and stress-free process by following these steps and hiring experienced roof repair and replacement services.

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