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How To Prepare For Roof Installations In Newcastle

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“Roof installations” is such an innocent term. Its simplicity can give you the idea that a roofer merely pops over and slaps a new roof over your head. However, that’s just not the case. Roof installations are a necessary, yet complicated and labour-intensive task to undertake that requires extensive preparation for both the homeowner and roofer.

Many Newcastle homeowners tend to fall into this trap, not even consider preparations until the process is well underway, leaving them scrambling last minute. The fact that you’re already doing your research on roof installations and preparations puts you ahead of the curve and closer to an affordable success. Our Newcastle roofing experts have listed the most important steps you should take.

Notify Your Neighbours

Roof installations are a noisy process for all involved – including your neighbours. As a courtesy, you should notify all surrounding neighbours at least a week in advance so that they know what to expect. This way, they can schedule their lives around it, which is especially important for shift workers or parents (and you won’t have to worry about complaints down the line).

Safety Considerations

Roof installations in Newcastle are particularly arduous, requiring heavy-duty equipment and often resulting in falling debris. As such, stringent safety protocols must be followed by everyone involved. Make sure to adhere to any safety instructions your roofers give you and start working on a plan to keep any children or pets well away. You may need to consider organising playdates or sleepovers, as well as finding a section of yard that your animals can use safely.

Pro tip: If you have pets, make sure your roofing contractors are aware to ensure gates are closed to prevent them from running away.


Any satellites and antennas on your old roof will need to be removed before this process begins. Although electricians are often the go-to guru for these jobs, many experienced roofing contractors can get it done safely and successfully without having to pay for a separate call out.

Look After Your Landscape

Firstly, you should trim any tree branches that will impede your roofing contractors’ work processes. You’ll also need to trim your lawn to prevent debris from being hidden in it during the clean up process. Secondly, you need to protect your plants. Relocate any surrounding moveable plants and get some tarp to cover any important plant beds near the worksite.

Another important preparation step for roof installations in Newcastle that is often overlooked is ensuring that your roofing contractors are licensed and insured. Unlicensed roofing and building work in New South Wales is not only dangerous and costly, but illegal.

If you’re not certain that your roofer is licensed, don’t risk it! Come to Hunterline Roofing instead. As the local specialists in roof installations and repairs, you will enjoy unrivalled expertise, guarantees, and references for added peace of mind.

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