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How To Decide Whether To Get Repairs Or A Roof Replacement In Newcastle

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When one day, you somehow land up at a height higher than your roof, your heart might jump when your view reveals damage or fatigue. Now you’re lumped with the decision to repair or do a roof replacement. What many Newcastle property owners don’t realise is that a roof can be correctly repaired to last many more years.

Factors you need to consider in your decision are age, the type of roof and existing materials. The condition also needs to be considered. If it is a leak you have noticed, for example, remember that water travels and it travels far. By the time it is detected the leak could already be weeks old.

First Steps

First and foremost, nip it in the bud. Call a local Newcastle roofing contractor quickly, as an earlier fix is always more cost effective.

Next Steps

If there is an active leak and it is near electricity, turn that phase of electricity off at your electrical distribution board. Furthermore, make sure you are not standing in the water and touching electrics. And make sure you walk carefully or you might slip!

If you have an inkling where the source of the leak is, then turn it off. If you can’t turn it off, call your plumber before calling the roofing contractor and try to get guidance over the phone.

The Decision

We all know we need to avoid over-investment. So, knowing your property resale value will inform your decision. The replacement cost also needs to be weighed up against the loss in resale value by not replacing. You can receive up to 90% return of your replacement expenses!

A professional will have to assist you with the final decision as every roof is unique. Tradies generally say that, if 30% of the roof is damaged or degrading, then a replacement is needed.

Damage by a storm will most likely need replacement as there will be unseen stress fatigue on the whole structure. Additionally, if your interior is showing signs of moisture, it is a strong indication that you need to do a replacement.

Make sure, when choosing repairs, that the money saved in the short term does not cost you more in the long run.

To delay getting to the repair or roof replacement quandary it book regular inspections. Small intermittent repairs once a year can give your roof many more years of effective functioning.

Prevention Is Better Than Cure

The decision to repair or replace your roof is a big one, even with this helpful guide. If you’re unsure or would like a second opinion, come to Hunterline Roofing.

As Newcastle’s resident roofing experts, we have all your answers wrapped into one neat package. We can give you informed advice on your situation and, depending on your roof’s condition, offer both roof repairs and roof replacement services.

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