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Reasons To Get Your Guttering In Central Coast Cleaned Before Summers

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Sunny weather, beachwear and backyard BBQs. Summer brings a whole host of fun activities to enjoy with friends and family. However, most people are so busy planning for them that they forget one essential house maintenance chore – gutter cleaning.

Roofing and gutter maintenance are often sidelined or delayed when you’re getting your backyard, lawns, decks and pergolas ready for the gorgeous summer weather ahead. Gutter cleaning and maintenance should be the first task on your to-do list if you want to keep your property protected and well-maintained.

Why is it essential to get your roofing and guttering cleaned before summer?
Summers in Australia’s Hunter Region are known for their summer thunderstorms and strong winds. If your gutters and downpipes are not cleaned, you can expect hours of cleaning – and no one wants to waste the beautiful sunny weather cleaning gutters and roofs. Gutter cleaning before seasonal changes:

  • Clears out the debris, leaves, twigs, and trash in your gutters and downpipes
  • Uncovers crucial repairs such as broken gutter brackets, rusty screws and hooks
  • Pinpoints roofing repairs such as broken tiles, curling shingles, damaged flashing and leaks
  • Takes care of small animals and pest infestations, and bird nests that are common in cold weather
  • It also protects your house foundation, roofs, cladding, windows, and fascia from water damage.

The winter and fall seasons can wreak havoc on your guttering systems with dry leaves, debris and freezing temperatures. Summer gutter cleaning clears the slit, trash and growth from your down pipes and gutters and prepares them for the summer storms.

Clogged gutters also sag because of water weight. Sagging gutters cause water to spill down the sides and in between gaps on the roof. The incorrect drainage of water damages your windows and walls. It seeps into your house interior, leading to mould and woodworms. The water also flows towards your lawns and ruins your plants and flowers, and erodes your landscape. If you have wooden stumps, water accumulation near your house’s foundation can rot and weaken them.

Therefore, be proactive and move gutter and roof cleaning to the top of your to-do list before summer starts. If you also need a rain gutter installation or house gutter installation, this is the best time to do it. Gutter repair services, along with cleaning before summers will prevent further damage and clogging in your gutters.

Residential and Commercial gutter cleaning services near you in the Central Coast

Gutter cleaning is a time-intensive and tough job. It requires heavy-duty gutter vacs, pressure washers, telescopic poles and safety ladders. Then there are guttering and roofing repairs and cleaning of gutter guards and sides. It’s not a quick DIY chore as you need to get on your roof with proper safety and cleaning equipment. It’s a task best left to the professionals.
Whether it is summer or winter gutter cleaning, or the occasional guttering and roofing maintenance in between, or gutter installation near you, we can help.

Hunterline Roofing offers affordable guttering solutions and gutter replacement in Central Coast. Never worry about routine gutter cleaning and maintenance again with expert guttering services that leave your gutters clog-free in every season.

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