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3 Ways To Identify If There is a Problem With Your Guttering or Roofing

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Get Rid Of Overflowing Gutters and The Mess it Brings

Are you tired of the constant roofing repairs and gutter maintenance costs? Then you might need to take a closer look at your roof gutters. Unless you live in a very dense bushland forest or have frequent rainstorms, you don’t need gutter cleaning more than twice a year.

However, if your gutters are overflowing even after clearing the blockages, the fault probably lies elsewhere. Possible problems could be your gutter pitch or broken gutters. Read on to know what to look for to avoid costly problems!

How to identify issues with your rain gutters

The first sign that your gutters are not functioning is the wear and tear on your roof. Curling roof shingles, leakages, damaged flashing, and moss growth are just some of the damages that come with improper drainage of rainwater. Rainwater flowing down the sides of your roofs and dripping down your walls is another indication. Not only will it erode the walls, but it will also weaken your structural foundations because of waterlogging around your property.

There could be several reasons why your gutters are not performing as well as they should be.

  1. Old and broken gutters

Older gutters due to routine wear and tear can crack, break, and leak. They will start sagging and pulling away from your roof. You must also check for missing and bent gutter fasteners, joints, and brackets.

If there are too many repairs and damages, you should look into getting new gutters installed. A gutter technician is the best person to guide you on a new guttering system compatible with your property.

Sometimes it is also not easy to spot guttering repairs yourself. Especially, in industrial and commercial guttering that is larger and more complex than residential guttering. For best results, hire a professional gutter specialist who can work within your budget and do new gutter installations, repair and cleaning.

  1. Incorrect gutter pitch

A gutter pitch is the angle at which your gutters are positioned. It optimises the water drain flow from the roofs and away from your property. It should be placed at a downward slope, directing the water towards the downspouts.

An incorrect gutter pitch is the result of poor gutter installation. It causes gaps near the roofline that allows the water to flow towards your fascia boards and down your walls. If the gutter pitch slope is too steep, it will cause the water to drain too fast. If it’s too straight, it will leave standing water in your gutters and on your roof.

An experienced guttering contractor can install your gutters at the perfect pitch. He will also immediately spot an incorrect pitch angle and repair it. It will save you from expensive roofing repairs and structural damage.

  1. Guttering material and shape

Gutters must be chosen for their durability and aesthetics. Guttering materials include aluminium, metal, copper, steel, and PVC. The type of gutter you require depends on your construction and usage requirements. There are round or half-round, K-line (Ogee), and box gutters.

For example, commercial or industrial properties usually have box gutters because they have flat roofs. Arched construction would require U-shaped gutters for a better water flow. And Ogee gutters are generally the most common choice for residential rain gutters.

Aluminium and vinyl are more cost-effective and cheaper. Galvanised steel is sturdier and more durable, and most factories and warehouses opt for them. Metal and copper are prone to rust and require more maintenance.
The guttering system you choose to install must also fit your budget. A reliable gutter company will consider all your requirements and match the best guttering system with your construction.

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