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Our team at Hunterline have pondered what innovative roof is needed for the designs of homes in the future. Environmental consultants have given us many thumbs up for Colorbond. This brand is the roof of the future, reducing a building’s carbon footprint and assisting in energy and water savings!

Below are the characteristics that make Colorbond the perfect, Central Coast roofing choice, as a quality product that is truly standing the test of time. 

Benefit #1 – Space to install energy saving systems

The metal component of Colorbond is an excellent conductor. It therefore can transfer heat in and out of structures for practical uses. Beneath the roof, the cavity is large since smaller (cost-effective) beams are used for lightweight Colorbond roofs. 

A solar thermal heating solution can be installed in that cavity as well the air cooling system and water. An environmental consultant then designs the roofing, insulation, heating, air pathways and photovoltaic components into a cooperative environment management system. 

Home cooling cost savings of up to 25% are predicted for cool metal roofs with light colours due to high solar reflectance. The cooler your home is, the greater the reduction in the heat island effect experienced in urban areas.

In addition to reducing costs and energy usage, utilizing preheated water from a solar thermal heating system can be used to heat areas using a heat exchanger.

The cooling and heating energy can reduce fossil fuel consumption. Eco-friendly home comfort!

 Benefit #2 – Solar panel capabilities

Colorbond is stable and durable enough to receive thin-film solar panels. These thin films are expected to be effective enough to cope with the energy demands for the building as well as being effective enough to have excess to sell back onto the grid.

 Benefit #3 – Assists in water storage systems

The wave shape and seamless structure of Colorbond makes it highly efficient at directing rainwater into gutters. The harvested rainwater can service your garden, wash exterior areas of the house and be used in toilets.

Benefit #4 – Installation options

A Colorbond roof can be installed over an existing roof which has a huge impact on reducing the amount of construction waste going into landfills.  The saving in time, labour and waste removal will make a material impact on your budget. The existing roof will then become an insulation layer, greater assisting in the reduction of heating and cooling costs!

Benefit #5 – Australian made

The product is made in Australia and is not imported. This gives it a smaller carbon footprint to start with and you are supporting local industry which is very much the theme of the circular economy.

Benefit #6 – Durability

This is a known benefit: Colorbond has immense durability.  You will not be throwing this product into a landfill for many decades to come!

When you need your Colorbond roofing on the Central Coast of the future be sure to call the trusted professional team at Hunterline Roofing. With skilled contractors ready and waiting to help, we can ensure that you have the best possible results when you invest in your home.

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