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Reasons Why Colorbond Roofing Is Gaining Rapid Popularity Among Property Owners In Australia

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In most Australian homes, you’ll find one of the two popular roofing materials; Colorbond roofs or concrete tiles. Even though concrete tiled roofs were commonly used in Australia for about 7 decades and are still widely popular among many homeowners, there has been a significant increase in Colorbond roofing installation during the past few years.

While both concrete tiles and Colorbond roofs have their own merits; in this piece, we will discuss why Colorbond is getting rapidly popular among Australian property owners.

What Are Colorbond Roofs?

Before digging in to find out the reasons behind the increasing popularity of Colorbond roofs, it is important to understand what Colorbond actually is. Colorbond steel is a coated roofing material known for its durability, weather resistance, and the way it adds to the visual appeal of a building.

Let’s now find out why Colorbond roofs are a top priority for Australian homes and commercial spaces:


Colorbond takes the lead when it comes to the most advanced yet the toughest building materials. Not only that it looks decent, but its durability and sturdiness make it a great roofing choice for Australian homes, industries, and commercial spaces.

The coated steel makes it termite and corrosion-resistant, which means no chances of chipping and cracking in your roof. The interlocking panels in Colorbond roofs ensure they remain rust-free and hence are about four times long-lasting than other traditional roofing materials.

Moisture Resistance

Since Colorbond roofing is made up of corrugated metal and paint baked on its surface, it has a lower water absorbency than concrete tiles. Therefore, the moisture doesn’t seep through it when it rains.

Here’s an added perk for those who understand how important it is to consume rainwater! Apart from keeping your interiors dry, Colorbond roofs allow you to collect more rainwater in your storage tanks. You can later use this water for watering your plants, washing your outdoor space and even for your animals. Isn’t it a great idea?

Modern Design

With the growing demand for modern and minimalistic architecture, many renovators chose Colorbond roofing as their preferred roofing material to instantly lift the look of any home or commercial property.

Not only that Colorbond steel comes in many different shades, but the roofing sheets are also available in various designs giving you the liberty to choose one that perfectly suits your home design needs.

If you are unhappy with your house’s outer appearance and want to modify it according to your personalised taste, Colorbond roofing can be your best bet. You can simply replace your old concrete roofing with a bright coloured and innovatively designed Colorbond roof and the difference will leave you awestruck. Additionally, due to being lightweight, you’ll need fewer columns for holding the roof which means you get a wider and more versatile floor space. 


While counting the perks of Colorbond roofing, it is unfair to ignore the maintenance aspect. Since the colour is baked onto the steel, it does not require repainting. The process of galvanisation makes Colorbond roofs sturdy and crack-proof, unlike the regular tiled roofs. This means, these roofs are low-maintenance and pocket-friendly in the long run saving you from frequent repairs and maintenance costs.


Keeping in view the intense Australian climate, who wouldn’t want a roof that keeps them warm during winters and cool in summers? Since Colorbond has high thermal efficiency, it can keep your home insulated against extreme temperatures. Colorbond roofs; especially the lighter colours absorb less heat, reflect the sunlight, and cool down at night way quicker than the tiled roofs. As a result, you’ll notice a significant reduction in your energy bills.

Environmentally Friendly

Recycling and consuming less energy are the two important means of giving back to the environment. The proper insulation adds to the thermal efficiency of a Colorbond roof making it more energy-efficient which means you’ll be less dependent on air conditioners. The lesser energy you consume, the more is your part in conserving the environment. Similarly, Colorbond is 100% recyclable and is even made from recycled metal. Choosing Colorbond roofing over other roofing materials will help you in conserving natural resources and reducing your carbon footprint.

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