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How To Choose The Right Pitch For Your Colorbond Roofing In Newcastle

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When your roofer designs a pitch for your Colorbond roofing in Newcastle be careful before criticising it. The pitch plays a vital role in the functionality of the building.

If you don’t know the term ‘pitch’ it is a building term which refers to the angle of your roof. It plays many roles, the least of which is aesthetics and the most important of which is safety. Here is what you need to know:

The Rise

The height of your roof is determined by the pitch. It is measured in degrees in Australia. The bog-standard degrees for a Colorbond roofing in Newcastle is 25 degrees and a flat roof could be as low as 5 degrees.

The Reasons

One of the important functionalities of the roof is water disbursement. It is vital that water drains swiftly off your roof to your well-chosen gutters. If the pitch is too slight then pooling may occur which is not good for waterproofing. Different materials suit different pitch designs. Colorbond roofing is very versatile and suits most pitches.

The Pitch

The two basic pitches, low and high. Each option has pros and cons of course and below we share them with you:

Low Pitch Roof Pros

  • A low pitch design results in a smaller square meterage of the roof and, therefore, fewer materials. There is less supporting structure as well = cost-efficient.
  • A low pitch design means greater walkability with easier and safer access for maintenance and repairs.
  • An open ceiling (double volume) interior design will be easier to cool and heat due to less space.

Low Pitch Roof Cons

  • Drainage is less effective and the slightest human error in angles can cause pooling.
  • It creates a “canopy” onto which twigs, leaves and a variety of debris collects. Regularly cleaning is required.
  • Attic space is diminished or wiped out completely.

High Pitch Roof Pros

  • A high pitched roof might be more difficult to walk on but less access time is required as they require less maintenance. The maintenance cost savings offset the higher installation cost.
  • Drainage is far superior on a high pitch roof and there is no canopy catching effect of branches, leaves and debris.
  • A high pitch delivers loads of attic storage, a loft room and the option of decorative gables.

High Pitch Roof Cons

  • Maintenance is far more dangerous on a steep roof pitch and professionals must be called in. Less maintenance required.
  • More roofing material and supporting structure is required.
  • If you have an open ceiling interior design it requires a lot more heating and cooling.

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