How To Prepare For Roof Replacement In 6 Easy Steps

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Getting a new roof installed is a major task that is bound to get hectic and stressful. But, by taking a few key steps before the work starts, you can prepare your home for roof replacement and make things easier for everyone involved. Preparing your home makes the process smoother and ensures that your family, […]

3 Warning Signs To Look Out For When Browsing Roof Replacement Companies

At Hunterline Roofing, we have done some serious damage control for countless customers who hired shady or unreliable roofing companies to perform their roof replacements over the years. Their stories of spent savings, broken trust, and damaged properties have been truly heartbreaking for us, motivating us to take note of their experiences and educate the […]

How To Decide Whether To Get Repairs Or A Roof Replacement In Newcastle

When one day, you somehow land up at a height higher than your roof, your heart might jump when your view reveals damage or fatigue. Now you’re lumped with the decision to repair or do a roof replacement. What many Newcastle property owners don’t realise is that a roof can be correctly repaired to last […]