How To Choose The Right Pitch For Your Colorbond Roofing In Newcastle

When your roofer designs a pitch for your Colorbond roofing in Newcastle be careful before criticising it. The pitch plays a vital role in the functionality of the building. If you don’t know the term ‘pitch’ it is a building term which refers to the angle of your roof. It plays many roles, the least […]

Newcastle Roofing Experts Reveal Why Colorbond® Steel Is Renowned As The Best Roofing Choice

By now, everybody knows the renowned brand Colorbond® steel for its strength, longevity and attractive finishes. However, few know why! This prompted Newcastle roofing experts, Hunterline Roofing, to reveal its illustrious local history and delve into its groundbreaking benefits as a roofing material. A History Of Excellence Back in 1843 in good ole’ England, the […]