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Imagine a roof that does more than just cover your property. A roof that looks amazing and works well with the weather and your surroundings. That’s what Hunterline Roofing can do for you. Our team of skilled roofers in Wallsend can create amazing roofing solutions for you.


Our roofs not only provide protection, but they are also for beauty. They can handle any weather condition and can also make your property look more attractive and valuable. We use our skills and creativity to make stunning and unique roofs.


Hunterline Roofing can help you with any roofing service you need. Whether you need a new roof, repair, or maintenance, we can do it with excellence and quality. We care about your satisfaction and work hard to meet your needs and expectations. We keep you informed and updated throughout the project, from the first meeting to the final inspection.

Let us assist you in protecting your property with a strong, long-lasting roof that will look fantastic and work flawlessly for years to come. 

Roof Replacement Wallsend

If your roof is beyond repair, you may need a roof replacement service for your Wallsend property. Our replacement roofs are made to handle harsh weather, save energy, and make your property look better. Our skilled roofers can give you a free quote and an onsite inspection before replacing your roof. They can also help you choose the best roofing material for your needs and budget.

Roof Extensions Wallsend

Hunterline Roofing can turn your roof into a masterpiece with our roof extension services in Wallsend. We are experts in creating roof extensions that blend seamlessly with your existing roof and enhance your property’s style and charm. We know how to work with older properties and create a flawless look. Our expert roofers work closely with you to ensure that the new roof extension matches the old roof, creating a natural and cohesive appearance.

Roof Cladding Wallsend

Our cladding solutions can make your roof look and work better. We offer a variety of roof cladding options for new or existing roofs, and we can tailor them to suit your style and budget needs. We help you make your property look impressive and make a lasting impression. So, explore the different cladding choices at Hunterline Roofing, where your roof can look great and unique.

Roofing Services

Curved Roofing Wallsend

We have the expertise and knowledge to deliver amazing curved roof installations. We use premium materials specially designed for curved roofs, ensuring their longevity and resilience. We focus on every aspect of the installation process to guarantee a visually appealing and leak-free curved roof.

Gutter Repair Wallsend

We know how important a well-maintained guttering system is in protecting your property from water damage. That’s why we provide roof guttering services to keep your gutters free of debris and flowing well. Our team will clean your gutters thoroughly, removing any leaves, twigs, or other blockages that can prevent the proper drainage of rainwater.

Roof Installation Wallsend

Be a part of the roof revolution with Hunterline Roofing in Wallsend. We install roofs that look amazing and work well. You can pick from many styles and features to match your property. We use only the finest materials to make your roof sturdy and weatherproof. You will be amazed by our work, and we will keep you informed and engaged throughout the project.

Roof Repairs & Restoration Wallsend

We are the experts in roof repairs & roof restoration for Wallsend homes and businesses. We can fix any roofing problem, big or small, with our affordable and effective services. Our roof repairs and roof restoration services are not only practical but also beautiful and can make your roof shine like new with our high-quality materials and workmanship. We have tons of options for different styles and features to match your property’s personality and charm. From the first call to the final checkup, we make sure that you are happy and satisfied with our work.

About Wallsend

With a rich history dating back to its days as a coal mining town in the 19th century, this suburb is teeming with culture. Today, Wallsend is a vibrant, modern community with plenty of shops, cafes, and restaurants to explore. Whether you’re interested in the past or present, there’s something for everyone in this Newcastle suburb.

For the best roofing services, choose Hunterline Roofing. Our roofers in Wallsend are professional and skilled, and they can do any roofing project with quality and expertise. You will get a reliable and durable roof that will give you confidence when you choose us for your roofing needs.