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Am I Making My House Hotter With Metal Roofing?

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We have found that some clients have outdated information regarding metal roofs.

We can assure you that metal roofing in Newcastle does are not make your house hotter than other materials e.g. a dark asphalt shingle or slate.

How Is The Metal Energy-Efficient?

Metal roofs have a reflective characteristic which is amplified by lighter colour choices. The heat that does transfer is released back into the environment far quicker than the other materials would. Asphalt and ceramics retain heat for many, many hours longer than a metal roof.

Contemporary metal roofs, such as Colorbond, are additionally coated with layers that promote energy efficiency.  This can save you as much as 10-25% of your energy bill. In the Colorbond range, there are five colours in the Green Star Communities tool but 99% of their colours have solar reflectance technology added!  Green Star rated metal roofing can reduce surface temperatures by 50 degrees Celsius cooler than shingles.

Which Colour Is The Best Option?

The lighter the colour the greater the reflection and hence we choose lighter colour cars in hotter climates. This doesn’t mean all metal roofing in Newcastle has to be white or cream.  Options such as pale blue, light green, white, beige and lighter bronze are all great options and can fit into most architecturally specified designs. They are definitely the top choices you should stick to if you’re living in a warm Australian climate.

How Can I Help My Roof With Cooling My Home?

An increase in temperature inside your home as less to do with the roof you have chosen and more to do the thermal capabilities of the house.

Have you added insulation below your roof? Is it the correct grade of insulation?  This makes a massive difference to the temperature of the house, in fact, it is the difference between needing to start a fire in the fireplace versus walking about in a t-shirt. Roof insulation is hugely cost-effective.

Are your walls insulated? If you have an old brick and mortar house then you can add vented insulation to the interior wall.  This means that there is a breathing gap created between the interior bricks and the insulation by struts or studs. This allows the bricks to release moisture without causing a damp problem.  Your house will stay cooler for days in summer and warmer in winter.

Is your home correctly ventilated in areas that are potential heat traps?  If heat cannot exit a building it will radiate downwards.

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