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5 Reasons You Won’t Regret Investing In The Installation Of A Colorbond Roof

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Ah Colorbond roofing Newcastle, the steel-coated crowd favourite amongst Australia’s construction industry!

This revolutionary roofing has been going strong for half a century, providing years of protection and curb appeal to residents across Australia and beyond.

After withstanding the test of time and our worst weather conditions, it’s become the go-to roofing material for new installations and replacements.

But, why is it so wildly popular?

Let’s dive in!

#1 Exceptionally Energy Efficient

Since the technological advancement of Thermatech in 2008, recent updates have seen this technology built into Colorbond roofing.

What does this mean for you?

Well, it means that you won’t have to worry about soaring electricity bills during our scorching summers!

This technology allows Colorbond roofs to reflect the penetrating heat of summer, cooling your home and taking the load off your air conditioner.

And for those environmentally-conscious consumers, Colorbond roofs not only reduce your electricity consumption, but they’re easily recyclable too!

#2 Long-Lasting Longevity

After being tried and tested in Australia’s harshest elements for over 50 years, Colorbond roofing is trusted as one of the toughest, most advanced available today!

With a variety of warranties offered by manufacturer, Bluescope Steel, you can be protected for up to 36 years.

Not only that, but they’re termite and weather-resistant too!

Simply put, they’re built to outlast you.

#3 Fire Friendly

Whether living outback in the bush or more built-up areas, having peace of mind that you’re protected from fires is priceless.

It’s completely non-combustible, preventing stray sparks and even lightning strikes from starting an uncontrollable fire.

On top of that, Colorbond metal sheets are designed to be easily sealed, which significantly reduces the risks of flying embers and burning ash doing any damage!

#4 Corrosion Resistant

From acid rain to heavy downpours, the risk for corrosion is huge with metal roofs – except Colorbond metal roofs, that is!

Due to the design of its unique five-layer protection system, it’s better able to handle whatever weather Australia throws at it, especially water and moisture.

Not only do these layers ensure thorough protection from corrosion for years to come, but they also preserve the richness of your roof’s colour!

#5 Lightweight

Unlike tiles or concrete, Colorbond metal roofs are significantly lighter – which drastically reduces the price of installations!

Why? Because the supporting frame doesn’t need to hold up as much weight, meaning it requires much less material, strength, and work to support your roof.

This also makes it much easier to transport and place, greatly reducing the turnaround time for your new Colorbond roof installation!

What more could you want, am I right?

At Hunterline Roofing, we’ve seen first-hand how successful the installations are for this revolutionary roofing. And with our specialist skills, tactics, and tools, there’s been no cause for callouts since!

If you’d like to invest in the installation of a long-lasting, safe, and energy efficient Colorbond roof, call us now for a non-obligatory quote!

We specialise in new roof installations, roof replacements, roof repair service!

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