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4 Tactical Tips For Preparing For A Brand New Roof At Your Property

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Getting a new roof is a pretty exciting endeavour! Gone are the days of leaks and unsightly shingles. Finally, you’ll enjoy a radiant new roof that’ll protect you and your family for years to come!

But, it’s not all sunshine and rainbows. From ripping to nailing, hauling, crashing, and banging, roof replacements are a serious situation.

Once your home, now a work zone, it’s important to prepare for a safe and seamless new roof in the Central Coast.

Here are four tactical tips to help!

#1 Butter Up Your Neighbours

Roof replacements are a noisy nuisance for neighbours, so you’ll want to prepare them for the inevitable!

When you notify your neighbours of the coming cacophony of construction sounds, don’t forget to give them an estimated timeframe for your project.

This way, they can schedule their lives around it and prepare for the expected – not unexpected.

#2 Prepare The Area

With debris, heavy-duty tools, and workers filling up your home-turned-work-zone, it’s important to protect your possessions and ensure a safe workspace.

Before it begins, it’s a good idea to move any furniture, ornaments, or appliances that would get in the way or be damaged.

The same goes for trees and lawns. Low hanging branches will need to be pruned to give your roofers room to work. To ensure cleanups are simple and speedy, cutting long grass the day before will help reveal hidden debris.

#3 Strip Satellite Dishes And Antennas

Before you begin on your brand new roof, call in your electrician or satellite specialist. You’ll want to remove any antennas or satellite dishes to remove any obstacles and protect them.

#4 Protect Your Pets And Kids

With heavy machinery breaking your roof down, the kids are bound to be mesmerised!

But, your home is now a work zone and should be treated as such. With safety, tripping, and health hazards prevalent, you’ll need to keep your kids at a safe distance.

The same goes for your furry friends! You’ll need to keep them in a separate space so they don’t injure themselves or someone else sniffing their way around the site.

Although simple, temporary fencing could do the trick, you’ll also need to take the noise into account. From inciting anxiety to disrupting nap times, it may be a good idea to visit the inlaws for the weekend!

An often overlooked tip is making sure to choose a specialist Central Coast roofer to install your new roof in the Central Coast. That’s where Hunterline Roofing comes in.

We have the local expertise needed for a swift, stress-free, and seamless roof replacement or installation. We respect your home as if it were our own, leaving no mess or mishap behind.

Need a new roof? Not sure? Call us; we’ve got you covered!

We specialise in new roof installations, roof replacements, roof repair service!

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