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4 Warning Signs Your Business Needs Commercial Roofing Contractors In Newcastle

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Just like your home, your commercial property also needs regular maintenance to keep it in a good condition for a long time – whether it’s the outside, inside, or roof. With time, weather and similar factors can cause wear and tear to your roof. The only way to save its structural integrity is to seek timely help from your trusted commercial roofing contractors in Newcastle.

Otherwise, you’ll end up with a damaged roof and reroofing will be the only option left to you – which of course will be costly. To avoid landing in that situation, make sure to keep track of these warning signs and hire a commercial roofing service before it’s too late:

1. Water Stains on Your Walls and Ceilings

Take a quick look at your walls and ceiling. If you notice any brown stains, it’s a sign that water is leaking inside your house. This doesn’t necessarily mean that the leak is right where you’ve spotted the stains – the water usually finds its way through the weakest point.

Newcastle gets a lot of rain during the summer, so it’s important to call your nearest commercial roofers as soon as you suspect a leaky roof. That way they can locate the leak and repair it before it rains again. This will save your business a lot of possible water damage in the case of a downpour.

2. Your Roof Leaks When it Rains

When water enters your commercial property through the roof as soon as it starts to rain, there are high chances that the roof is already damaged and needs immediate attention. Hiring an experienced commercial roofing company for roof restoration is the only way you can save your property from further structural damage.

3. Mould

Moisture absorbed through your leaky roof can cause mould to grow inside your property. If there’s a constant unpleasant smell inside the building, ugly stains on the surface of your walls and ceilings, or your allergies are triggered as soon as you enter your workplace, these are all signs that your roofing needs to be thoroughly assessed by a professional.

If you don’t call commercial roofing services for the mould to be removed from your roof, it will eventually cause your building’s structure to weaken by eating away the wood and other organic materials used in your roofing. The quality of your indoor air will also be compromised, posing multiple health risks for you and your employees working in that confined space on a daily basis.

4. Water Collecting on the Roof

Unlike residential roofs, commercial roofs have low slopes. This causes rainwater to collect on the surface of the roof and increases the chance of leaks. Therefore, it is highly recommended that you get your roof cleaned by professional roofers every once in a while, or at least before and after every rainy season in Newcastle. This lets them clean your roof gutters, catch early signs of roof damage and repair them right away.

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