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4 Serious Signs Your Flat Roof Needs A Replacement Now

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Although a seemingly good idea at first, flat roofs become troublesome over time!

We get countless calls from Newcastle residents complaining of intense maintenance needs, bad drainage, and standing water that causes rust and invites pests.

But, roof replacements are a colossal task, so you’ll want to be absolutely sure you need one!

To help you decide, here are four serious signs your flat roof needs a replacement now.

#1 Standing Water

Unfortunately, this one’s common for flat roofs.

Due to their flatness, they already suffer from poor drainage. But, over time, the natural shifting of your roof can make this worse and leave pools of water in dips and divots.

Although this can easily be drained, frequently pooling water is a problem as you can’t drain it immediately every time.

As it stands, it stresses your roof and causes cracks, seeps into the surface layers, invites mould and pests, and ultimately shortens its lifespan!

Pro tip: Check your gutters for debris that may be obstructing the flow of water and proper drainage and remove it. If there is sagging, dips, or structural issues like improperly installed joists, you may need a replacement ASAP.

#2 Lingering Moisture And Leaks

With flat roofs come frequently standing water, bringing lingering moisture and leaks along with it.

As the water seeps into the surface membranes, the lingering moisture creates the perfect environment for mould and fungus to thrive!

On top of that, it can soak your ceiling and cause frequent leaks that seem to linger no matter what you do consistently.

In cases like these, it’s already too late for maintenance efforts. You’ll need to call in a professional Newcastle roofer for a plan of action!

Pro tip: Applying waterproof and UV-resistant coatings to reduce lingering moisture onto the surface of your roof may help. Get in touch with our roofing contractors, they will advise the best coatings for your roof and climate.

#3 Bubbling And Blistering

Is your flat roof bubbling and blistering? Sounds like an adhesion failure to me!

Whether due to faulty workmanship, poor insulation, or terrible ventilation, this means the adhesive used to bond the membrane to your roof system has failed you.

If these blisters have already begun to expand significantly and pop, you’ll need to invest in a replacement soon.

They cause weaknesses in your roof, allowing more moisture to seep in, more blisters to form, leaks, and even complete roof failure!

Pro tip: Cut away the bulging membrane of each blister and reapply new membrane material using the same amount of layers you had to remove, if not more. The new membrane should be at least 152mm wider than the edge of the blister to prevent leaks.

#4 Fluttering

Have you been hearing fluttering sounds from your roof when it’s windy?

Well, it sounds like your top coating is badly damaged, even failing! This causes panels to flutter in the wind and expose what’s underneath to the elements.

This not only causes more damage and shortens its lifespan, but it can cause complete roof failure if it’s been going on for some time.

Pro tip: If this is a new problem, try reapplying a new durable top coating onto the surface of your flat roof. For top coating recommendations, get in touch with our expert roofers. If this has been an ongoing problem, you’ll need to call them ASAP to assess the damage and risk!

Now that you know the signs, it’s time to look for a reliable roofer for your flat roof replacement in Newcastle.

Look no further than Hunterline Roofing!

After years of repairing and replacing every roof in the business, you’ll enjoy the highest quality craftsmanship, timely turnarounds, and a brand new roof to be proud of.

Contact us today to take your flat roof pains away!

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