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4 Costly Guttering Maintenance Mistakes Most Newcastle Homeowners Make

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Your guttering in Newcastle are the veins of your roof, controlling and redirecting the flow of rainwater to prevent pooling and protect your roof, foundation, siding, and landscaping.

As Newcastle’s wet winter months bring heavy rains, many homeowners have been grappling with their guttering systems – doing more harm than good.

Improper maintenance risks leaks, water damage, soil erosion, and expensive future repairs!

After countless call-outs to remedy DIY disasters, our guttering specialists have listed four maintenance mistakes you should avoid.

#1 Cleaning With Chemicals

Although gutters are designed to withstand the worst weather conditions, harsh chemicals weren’t part of the deal.

The first mistake many Newcastle homeowners make is resorting to quick-fix caustic chemicals.

Please, don’t be that guy. These chemicals can corrode your guttering system, damage the finishes, and hurt your home’s exterior!

When in doubt, don’t panic – use organics.

#2 Not Cleaning At All

Your guttering system is a sanctuary for standing water, leaves, twigs, and other debris – a serious issue that cannot be ignored.

Without regular cleaning, especially after storms, the flow of water will be disrupted and your gutters will become blocked! Think flooding, water damage, and eroded surrounding soil.

To make things worse, debris blockages and standing water are a breeding ground for pests and bacteria.

So, make sure to give your gutters a proper clean a couple times a year at least!

#3 Ignoring Small Repairs

Yesterday’s tiny fix is tomorrow’s full-blown disaster!

Each element of your guttering works in harmony to ensure a seamless system. When one small component fails, it affects the performance of the others.

Small issues like little leaks, some mould, peeling paint, and slightly loose downpipes may seem insignificant – until they’re not.

As time passes, debris buildups and weather worsen these issues. Because these components are already compromised, they can’t combat these challenges.

Foregoing small fixes will result in future costly catastrophes!

#4 Carelessness

Without the necessary training, carelessness is common among Newcastle homeowners.

Whether you’re inspecting, cleaning, or repairing your guttering system, be careful – for the sake of yourself and your home.

If you have a helmet, wear it. If you have safety gloves, use them. Use a sturdy ladder and make sure it’s safe before climbing up.

But, don’t lean it against your gutters, even lightly, otherwise your gutters will suffer bending sections and separating seams!

Keeping these maintenance mistakes in mind, you’ll have no problem looking after your gutters. But, that doesn’t make it easy.

If you lack the tools or simply the confidence to work at heights, call us at Hunterline Roofing! As the leading guttering specialists in Newcastle, we’re your best bet at battling any and all guttering issues.

Whether you need repairs or regular maintenance; call us!

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