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3 Warning Signs To Look Out For When Browsing Roof Replacement Companies

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At Hunterline Roofing, we have done some serious damage control for countless customers who hired shady or unreliable roofing companies to perform their roof replacements over the years. Their stories of spent savings, broken trust, and damaged properties have been truly heartbreaking for us, motivating us to take note of their experiences and educate the public on avoiding making the same mistakes.

The sad reality is that, like all other professionals, some roofing companies do not have your best interests at heart. And when it comes to huge jobs like roof replacements, this can have devastating outcomes for you. Luckily, we have listed three warning signs to look out for when searching for roof companies so that you can filter through the frauds for your roof replacement in Newcastle.

#1 Insurance Fraud

Unreliable, shady contractors often try to dupe homeowners and commit insurance fraud. One of their most common tactics would be trying to submit two different invoices. They would send the lower invoice to you and the more expensive invoice to your insurance company. This one can be difficult to spot and only happens once your roof replacement is done. However, you can catch these scammers in the act by paying close attention to their offerings. Be cautious if you encounter roofing companies that offer to pay your insurance deductible or no cost-incentives.

#2 Ludicrously Low Initial Cost

Sometimes, when it sounds too good to be true – it is. Now, we’re not talking about reasonable prices or specials here. We’re talking about low prices that are unheard of in the area and industry – an offer you just can’t resist. Shady roofing companies will low ball you like this to draw you in, only to excessively increase the price throughout the job due to ‘unforeseen’ problems. Remember, roofing companies will often offer competitive prices and sometimes jobs do become more expensive as they progress. So, you need to use your discretion here. Any price that seems ludicrously low is likely a scam, as the roofers would need enough to pay their salaries, overheads, and so on. And any increases that seem unnecessarily high or consistent are also a red flag.

#3 Too Much Technical Terminology

The everyday homeowner in New South Wales is unlikely to know all the technical terminology and jargon used in the roofing industry. Unfortunately, shady roofers are known to use this to their advantage. If you, like most homeowners, are not well-versed in roofing terms, then make sure to steer clear of roofers who refuse to talk to you in layman’s terms and elaborate when you don’t understand. This is a well-known tactic used to inflate problems and scare homeowners into paying exorbitantly high bills for supposedly catastrophic setbacks.

As you can see, there are several ways shady roofing companies can catch you unawares. With these warning signs, though, you should be able to avoid most of them. Or, you could come straight to Hunterline Roofing – a well-known and loved roof company in New South Wales. With us, you know your roof replacement in Newcastle  will be handled professionally and honestly by local specialists with many past happy customers and a stellar project gallery.

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