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3 Serious Signs That You Need Roof Restoration Services ASAP!

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Proactively caring for your roof is essential. It’s the first line of protection against the elements – and the Central Coast’s climate is unforgiving. Age and deterioration are normal for roofs, regardless of their style or materials. However, sometimes the damage is so bad that roof restoration services are needed to preserve its structural integrity and ensure it can protect you for longer.

But how do you know when the deterioration is serious enough to warrant a professional roof restoration on Central Coast? We at Hunterline Roofing have compiled three serious signs to look out for that mean you need one now!

#1 Water Damage

If you notice moisture on the inside of your roof or surrounding ceilings, leaking, dark stains on walls, rotting wooden structures, or mould, then your roof is compromised and causing water damage. Water is infiltrating its structure and affecting the interior of your home. Although this may not seem serious – it is. Leaks can quickly become severe, and water damage restoration services are time, money, and labour-intensive.

Corrosion also indicates that water is gathering around your fittings, gutters, fastenings, or any other metal components of your roof. This is particularly dangerous, as it weakens them and could cause serious problems with the entire roofing system.

#2 Cracked Or Penetrated Tiles

Roof tiles are like the skin cells of your body – they’re exceptionally important for protecting what’s inside and vulnerable to damage from the elements. Water only needs one damaged tile to seep into your roofing system and home. This can seriously impact your insulation and even blister and stain your walls and ceilings.

And once again, this invites moulds to grow and pests to make themselves at home, both of which can be detrimental to the health of your family (and smelly too). If this water gets into your wooden structures and foundation, your roof may be vulnerable to collapse.

#3 Age

Although every roof will age over time, that doesn’t mean yours can keep on going without the worry of failure. At some point, roofs reach the age where replacement or restoration is necessary to prevent serious problems like pest infestations, sagging, or collapsing. In general, a roof that is 20 to 25 years old is ancient. This is where it gets confusing.

The age and state of your roof is something to take into account when considering roof restoration services. If your roof is brand new and leaking, it likely only needs work on the guttering system. If your roof is 10 or 15 years old and has frequent problems, it needs to be restored. And if your roof is over 20 years old and constantly needing repairs, you may actually need the entire system to be completely replaced!

Although these signs will help you make an educated guess around whether you need roof restoration services or not, it’s always best to have it inspected by trained, experienced eyes. As the Central Coast’s resident experts, we at Hunterline Roofing can look it over to identify the problems – if any.

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