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2 Roof Repairs You Can DIY – And 2 You Shouldn’t Even Try

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Online tutorials and how-to’s make roof repairs look so easy. The truth is, they’re not. There’s a reason why roofers exist. Otherwise, why would we need them? Working at heights with bulky equipment is not for the faint-hearted, and even the brave can put themselves in danger without the right tools and safety gear. However, there are a few minor roof repairs you may be able to try if you’re feeling confident. As the local Central Coast roofing specialists, we at Hunterline Roofing would like to help you discern the DIY from the don’t-even-try. Let’s start with two roof repairs you can try to DIY.

DIY Roof Repair Jobs

Your Guttering

Gutters protect your roofing and property by helping rainwater flow into your drains, rather than pooling on your roof or seeping into your home’s foundation. As such, they need to be kept clean and free from buildups of debris. These buildups can cause blockages and even mould or mildew to thrive under your roof!

Luckily, you can resolve most guttering problems with the right tools and tactics. Just make sure you don’t cause any more by leaning your ladder against them. Here are some examples:

  • Guttering and downspout blocked with buildups of debris (manually remove)
  • Sagging from the weight of standing water and debris (remove debris and replace the hangers and fasteners)


Flashings are there to prevent water from infiltrating your roofing system by sealing any open spaces in it. When your flashings fail, you’ll likely notice a leak near the:

  • Roof system edges
  • Perimeters
  • Penetrations
  • Walls
  • Valleys
  • Drains

If this happens, inspect your flashings for deterioration. They are usually found near your chimney, dormer windows, and skylights. While a roofer would create their own flashings from sheet metal, you will need to try another tactic. Use preformed materials and apply them using roof caulking or cement.

Don’t-Even-Try Roof Repairs


Reroofing is a mammoth task to undertake – and one that could be disastrous and expensive if not done correctly. There are simply too many complex components at play here that need skilled hands to remove, repair, and install safely. These include the roof deck, underlayment type, starter type, ice and water shield, flashing, and much more. Furthermore, if you do attempt to reroof your roof, you won’t be covered by insurance if anything goes wrong.


Adequate ventilation in your roof is essential for its longevity and ability to protect everything inside your building. If you lack proper ventilation underneath your roof, condensation forms. And with condensation comes moisture, mould, mildew, and pests. These in turn cause damage to your roof’s structure and upper storey.

If you need help identifying the severity of your roofing problem, guidance on what to do, or the expertise of skilled professionals, come to our specialists for roof repairs on Central Coast – Hunterline Roofing. We’ve got the expertise you need to succeed – whether advice or specialists roofing solutions.

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